ray tracing. live shadows / crazy ideas I

live shadows / crazy ideas I
this will be a thought about some effect which could be achieved using modified ray tracing engine. It has to do with non photorealistick rendering, and magical look to it. Ok, so first of all i am no programer or mathematician of any sorts, so please judge my ideas having that in mind.
First of all what is ray tracing, or ray traced shadows? i will try to describe it in one paragraph, as i understand it myself.
So as far as i understand first we have a viewing plane, from which we “cast a ray” towards an object in a scene. the point where it touches object, we find out properties of object, and return a color value to rendered image, or that particular pixel we started casting ray in view plane. so next is to cast a secondary ray, which starts from a point where first ray touched an object. this ray will go towards a light source. if any object will be in its way, we’ll know that thatlight we just mentioned casts a shadow. i hope its possible to follow me, but actually it doesn’t matter that much, cos anyone could look up ray tracing in wiki. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ray_tracing
The idea comes to my my mind, is , what if we would treat light differently, what if the rays would not go as a straight line, what if they would curve?
as far as i understand curved secondary ray would result curved shadows, distorted shadows. which might be nice. Lets have a look at pictures if that helps understand.

crazy raytracing?
Of course we would want to curve our rays only very little to give a subtile feel to it :)
What if we could animate these curves light is being traced? what if we could make wind move the shadows themselves? non realistic? not at all, but might be an interesting visual effect?
any ides?
any ray tracing engine writers out there?


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