ok lets continue, on most crazy 3d ideas ever. it was a restless night for me, therefore two posts are coming.

So we all know how in 3d, rendered object have thuse ugly, well mostly, edges. they are so sharp, so cg, so unreal.

there where meny methods created to avoid this. we could use fallofs in opacity chanel, or put things out of fucus….

what about if we would mix they materials? i dono what would happened, but this is a place to theorethise, and think.

so free your mind :)

so look at the picture:

scheme of pixel material blending

so i am just thinking how things would look if we would use kind of antialising, but it would actualy apply blended materials in a pixels where two object are close to each other. would be cood if we could control the “size” of blending, what i mean here is ..

if we look at the picture as it is right now, we’d see only 1 pixel has a blended material, i mean only one which has a neighboring pixel of other material. what if we could apply this blended material it 2, 3 or more pixels what i mean is…. shit how to put this…..

a nother picture?

pixel blending

and if we could tie, lets say depth ( zbuffer?) to the number of pixels blended?

like close to viewplane only 1 pixel on edge is blended, while further more pixels would be blended?

has this been done already? would it work? would it be cool or ugly?

anyone whants to write a renderer?


you can also wisit my portfolio.
dont like english? u can (try) readig it in lithuanian or anny other language here! alternative, has no lithuanian :(

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