Hello everyone. So I was (am) having this problem. I rendered some animation, but now i think i need to slow it down.
The problem is, rerendering everything and making everything twice as long is not an option, sins one frames rendering time is around an hour.
so i was thinking how to slow animation without rerendering… how to get more frames…
and then i remembered video morphing. So. first of all have to mention that the content of my animation is water surface.
Just water with waves. thats it. No characters or theyr faces.
So if anyone knows that this is already done, please let me know, i would like to try employ this technique in my work.
But the basick idea is, to write a script or separate program which tasks would be>
1. detect motion in frames. thats already possible in lots of software. think of motion tracking. the idea is we detect a part of video frame which is similar in next frame but its position changes. So this is already possible to do with lots of softwares. If i am not mistaken also it is part of mpeg video compression.
now step 2, would be to connect this automatic process with video morphing. You remember this “effect” when we have a photo of one person and it “nicely” “morphs”
to other person. So thats exactly what i was thinking to do.
To take two frames. detect “objects” using motion tracking.
and then user would need to say how many frames in between he wants to add. so lets say adding one frame would increase video time twice. two frames would make total time 3 times long.
and then in ideal case program or script would make inbetweens.
The problem here is that user usually has to “tell” program how the morphing is done. Usually user has to draw curves around object, then take that curve put it on next frame and  move points of to mach next object.
well if someone has a better descrotion, pls correct me :)
i hope its still kind of understandable.
ok ill try to find some links, which is hard if i dont whant to advertise any specifict software product :)

And other VIDEO
it shows how its done, i mean the curve drawing.



couple of hints for bloging.

first chek wiki. i forgot. thats a link.

but thats not a mistake. mistake is DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFOREU WRITE!

so, ofcource i am not a first to come up with this techniqe.

read this article!


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