Normally i don’t write such posts, but sins xsi was a long time dream to me…

i was looking in to xsi from version 4 i guess, gathering courage to move from max to xsi. At first i thought i should learn maya, but after autodesk bought it i was very serious to move to xsi. after ice release i downloaded demo and started playing around with it. Xsi always had this feeling of independence, and being not pro monopolist. Thinking about artist and so on.. And sins i am not a programmer (scripter) ice looked very apealing to me. But now???

What will it mean – if all biggest 3d aps belong to one company?

who dies first? well i am sure you will find much more about topic in base forums or wherever, but i just couldn’t resist…

on other hand: could it be a good thing?more money for developement, sins it seems avid was not very lucky with xsi lately….

I am deeply shocked.

what i would be interested is opinions from maya and max users who deal with autodesk.

any thoughts?

ps. “optimistick” article

The World Stops Spinning – Autodesk Acquires Softimage” at  xsi user base

autodesk ‘s oficial statement

and short article in 3d max underground, summarizing general user reaction here

thread on cgtalk’s 3dmax forum here


insiders jokes:

standart icon
standart icon

2 thoughts on “xsi joins autodesks monopoly? SLOW DEATH? or good times ahead?

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