So, recently I was working a bit with architectural visualizations.
And I ran into a small problem.  So there are these people who are always very tight and do things in “right” order. But there are others who prefer “creative mess” so to speak.
And I am sure both ways can be good.  sometimes at least :)
In my case i have a tendency to get lost in modeling stage,  adding more and more small details.  So at the end of the day I have a scene full with detail, but no lights.  And some say it is a good idea to draft your scene from simple cubes first, then to make “ruff” lighting,  so later on you will need just to tweak minor details.  But when you have a billion of objects, and its hard to navigate in view port… you add a light and it takes years to render that small test.  So its kind of stupid way to go.
So I was thinking. (This is about 3d max only i guess)
So lets imagine situation where we have heavy scene with dense mesh,  something like this :

interior, lots of polys
interior, lots of polys

and then lets turn on view port rendering mode “show as box”

interior, view as bounding boxes
interior, view as bounding boxes

So if max can generate bounding boxes, it would be nice to have a tool which could do the same but export a mesh of these boxes.

Even more advanced tool could somehow *(no idea how, still thinking) detect objects which resemble boxes (walls) and more complex shaped objects (trees) and by using multi res tool (which reduces number of polygons) automatically generate whole scene only for test renders. That would be time saver,  I guess,  or?

What do you think? might be there is similar tool already but I am not aware of it? let me know if thats the case!

and as usual link to my other website here where you can find interior used as example rendered. And dyrect link is here. By the way its pdf :)


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