renderering overlapping polygons

Lots of real time as well as non real time 3d solutions have same strategies dealing with intersecting meshes.  We find that in havok physics engine, any cloth or hair simulator an so on. Regardless of average and very good results these tools provided, we still sometimes find objects or meshes which are intersecting.

That might happen due to many reasons.  sometimes its imperfect physics simulation tools, but more likely,  simple computing restrictions (not all the objects, in their highest resolution,) can be added to physics engine – it would take years to calculate “everything”.  and also sometimes some objects are key framed, and do not obey physics engine, i dono if that is a real reason, but i imagine physics engine could, in some situations, have hard time dealing with “restricted” situations.  Also small spaces, different scales and so on….   all these things do not help to achieve best results.

There is a long history of research as well as commercial tools unwalable. realflow is in 4 version, syflex is in 3,9 version.

But I have not heard yet of a research on “hiding” problems instead of solving them.  what does rendering engine do if we have two polygons in exactly same space?

From my experience they usually go mad. the shading becomes really fu$$$$ up.  therefore my question is, is there any research done on hiding problems in situations where we cannot solve them?  Imagine tree leaves moving in a wind.. it takes quite a bit of computing power to make sure that non of each individual leaves would intersect with each other.  would it be cool to mask these problems if they happen to exist?

polysAlso we often use two or more intersecting planes for making trees. In many games we make trees like this:


its only two polygons, 4 triangles i think, and both are with texture of tree, plus alpha map, so we see only tree shape, we shuld not see shape of real geometry of our 3d tree.

what if renderer would automatically blend textures in intersection area, so we don’t see a line?

Is it already done? mightbe it used to happend only lon time ago?

anyone knows?

leave me a comment if u know something about the topic.