Max craching

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yes that happens. And i understand that. more complicated program, more code, more chance for this to happen. But thats not what this post is about.
Its about what autodesk does about crashing max. Now I understand that sending a report is good for everyone, theoretically autodesk
finds a reason for a crash and in next version of max problem is fixed. But what if I dont have internet? why do I have to see this dialog box everyday, with nowhere
“click here not to see this message ever again” to be on. WHy? Each time max crashes I have to click couple of clicks, which are totally pointless…. why can’t we have “dont show me this again”
thingy???? ok, lets say Autodesk thinking is something among these lines ” user hates sending crash results. they cancel it. so we make it hard to cancel. we need all possible reports, even
if that means we are risking to annoy our costumer”.
But if I dont have internet???
Whats the point?

more about booleans

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I recently had an idea for a small animation.
I was thinking to use some moving objects, which would generate “blob mesh”
but all of it should be contained in one form or shape. I know its hard to understand what I wanted to do, but that does not mater, while
here i am concerned only with technology, or rather a way to do it.
So i was thinking to use boolean thingy to “contain” my object. or rather to cut parts of it which go out of my “container object”.
And I noticed that it seems to be impossible.
my plan was to use animated object to generate a blob mesh.
and all of it should have a very specific shape, which would have been rather impossible to make, but very easy to cut using boolean.
But it seems boolean is not existing as a modifier, only as a separate object, which I find quite disturbing.
Why can it be as a modifier? Might be the reason is unstable topology of resulting mesh? or its not implemented cos of computing time? i noticed that using booleans with something that has more then 10
vertexes become quite slow :) (well numbers here are somewhat ironic obviously)
so be it, but still I want it functioning. it can have big annoying message “are u crazy” or something… (are u sure u want to proceed and count each boolean operation per frame)  Anyways it could be only calculated each frame separately, almost as a different object.
But now, how can i do it? basically all I can imagine is to create my animation, lets say its 100 frames. and to perform boolean operation on 100 copies of my animated object, and render, or use only one
of these resulting objects per frame. but it would be a madness. any ideas?????

beeping max

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just a quick idea. It happens a lot that i have to wait for some operation in max. its shorter than rendering for 2 hours, but its way longer
for normal interaction with program. like lets say creating blob mesh, applying multires, substracting objects via booleans or subdivision.. or something like that. I have always task manager window opend and minimised in try bar,
so i see how much my processor is owerloaded. but I have to sit there and waite, staring at that small indicator, till I can finally move my mouse again. thats so annoying.
couldn’t we have a small beep? lets say max starts to use 100 cpu power, for longer then, dono, 20 s. our beeper program monitors this cpu usage. and after cpu usage for max goes down dono, 10 % lets say beeper still waits a bit to make sure its not a temporary
pose in cpu usage by max, and lets  say after 5s. it beeps. meanwhile, user, has applied some heavy operation, and went to make cafe. and he doesn’t need to look at cpu usage indicator, all i care about
is my coffee, till i hear the beep.
i think it could be helpful, or? annoying? of course it should not be on by default, and user could turn it on only if he or she needs it…

What u say?