yes that happens. And i understand that. more complicated program, more code, more chance for this to happen. But thats not what this post is about.
Its about what autodesk does about crashing max. Now I understand that sending a report is good for everyone, theoretically autodesk
finds a reason for a crash and in next version of max problem is fixed. But what if I dont have internet? why do I have to see this dialog box everyday, with nowhere
“click here not to see this message ever again” to be on. WHy? Each time max crashes I have to click couple of clicks, which are totally pointless…. why can’t we have “dont show me this again”
thingy???? ok, lets say Autodesk thinking is something among these lines ” user hates sending crash results. they cancel it. so we make it hard to cancel. we need all possible reports, even
if that means we are risking to annoy our costumer”.
But if I dont have internet???
Whats the point?


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