So lets imagine we want to create a new material. We go to material editor, we select a type of material, and hurray, we have it. No we want to add noise, or non existing planet :) map to our diffuse canal. And we click button “none”. Nice we are in material/map browser.

material Browser
material Browser

So far so good. Now lets count how many clicks we need to apply say, speckle map. And here we go, its not in browser, or, unless your screen size is extremely huge, you need to scroll down. That’s normal. But faster you scroll, harder to see if you reached wanted map. (some people have no problem with this) Slower you scroll, well it takes more time. (some other get annoyed). So what do we do? Simple. Same as we do in modifier selection list.

modifier List
modifier List

So we go over menu with mouse pointer, we don’t even click as in many other programs (winch is cool innovation by max) And we hit a letter on a keyboard, and here you go, no more scrolling, you are almost at speckle map. (providing there are no other maps starting S) and there are, but still, it takes fraction of second to spot required map. Why cant we have this functionality in material/map browser?


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