So probably as so many of as I am using noise and smoke procedural maps quite a lot. And they are kind of basic building blocks for many organic shaders. So Normally when we model anything.. don’t know say a wall… there are areas where we would like to use different textures for different parts of simple, flat wall. The wall beneath a window can have very different colors and bumps, and stuff. There is more dirt gathering there, the patterns of rain and wind affect it differently… also we spit through a window, throw stuff… it all leaves marks on a wall. Normally artist would have to create different materials for all these things, and then draw a mask, where to use one material and where second one should go. Why not to help artist a bit and make some of masks automatically?

And how do we do that? Lets see an image here:

procedural angular mask
procedural angular mask

So lets say we apply our new material, or map to a geometry. Now what it does is, it builds a a list of angular values of vertexies, or rather edges. And then according to values, we generate gradients. Which are our masks. And of course just to use angular values would be not enough, we would what to have ability to change contours from linear to add noise smoke and so on ….. its something like fallof map in max… would it work???

ps. also some easy ready made function shuld be added for horisontal stripes, something like what u have due to running whater. aka rain. could be simple streched noise. or something…


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