It was quite a long time that i found this video somewhere and it did impressed me.  Here we are talking about 3d modeling. actually about very fast skechup like 3d modeling interface based on filmed video. Now definitely it cannot be a solution to all modeling needs, but one could benefit from such fast prototyping tool. please have a look at the video, it shows everything rather clearly.  If anyone knows anything about future of this product / research, please drop me a line in coment,



5 thoughts on “VideoTrace – 3D modelling using real video

  1. I don’t know anything about the future of this project, but I can just say WOW! By the way, I learned in IFA Berlin, that there are algorithms which make 3D videos out of flat ones, so this technology is quite improved.

  2. hey, man thanks for a quick response. can u post a link to that presentation u mentioned from ifa berlin, if there is something online?
    would be interesting to see.
    and thanks for reading :)

  3. Hi there,

    VideoTrace was originally developed as part of a research project conducted at the Australian Centre for Visual Technologies (ACVT), which is hosted by the University of Adelaide (in South Australia). The technology is now being commercialised by Punchcard, and you can learn more about the software and its status on our website (

    We’re currently running a beta testing program and would welcome your participation and feedback. You can register for the beta program on our site. Here’s the direct link:

    All the best,

    Jeremy Pollard

  4. Jeremy, thank you for your comment. I am guessing it is a most official commenter ever on my blog, thank you.
    I am registering for testing, for sure.
    After I receive a copy, ill try to record all experiences and comments on UI. and either send to Punchcard, or make a blog entry here :)
    thank you again for your comment.

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