grave, thumb stone and cross 3D models for sale


So I decided to try selling some of my photogrammetry models.

These Models where made in two cemeteries in Vilnius (Wilno) in Lithuania – Bernardinų cemetery and Rasų cemetery. Most graves are from the end of 19th century and most inscriptions are in Polish, sins that was quite a Polish city at the time. All graves are broken, rusty and run down. So if you are looking for some background objects for your new game that might be in horror genre, or historical, or just takes place in Europe you might be interested in these models. Actually models are low poly but still have quite a bit of detail and they might be used not only as a background objects. Poly counts are in 2-4k range depending on model. All have diffuse (Albedo) and normal maps. Some have Ambient Occlusion, Height or Bump maps. Textures are mostly in 4k resolution. You probably can use these models not only for real time graphics but for visualizations or film as well.

Models are sold as separate gravestones/crosses, as collection of a particular graveyard or all in one.

Here are links to skechfab depicting two sets – from both grave yards.

Models from “Bernardine” Cemetery:

Models from “Rasu” cemetery:

And here is All in one collection on Cgtrader:   all gravestones, crosses and thumb stones

Rest of the models: All other models