There might be lots of reasons you would like to buy Jesus or Mary 3D models. The Jesus here is very rusty, very vintage and he has only part of one hand. It was 3D scanned in actual cemetery and it is found quite often in cemeteries. I guess it was a popular iron cast for grave and cross decoration at some point. He doesn’t look particularly happy, but what can you expect, he was left alone for years in graveyard. Part of this model was manually retopologised while some parts undergone automatic retopo in instantmeshes. Comes with 4k PBR textures. Just don’t remember if metalness map is included if not just use black color – it is so rusty there is no reflective areas..

3D model of jesus used for grave and cross decoration in cemetery

So that was Jesus. What about Mary? Here she is:

Ok, the bubbles and twisting is not part of the model. But now she looks cooler, doesn’t she? ah dono. So Again quite a common cast sculpture commonly found in cemeteries. This one has auto retopo but in 3 levels. the Mary herself has most polygons, the rock has less while cross has a least number of polys. Again 4k textures. twisting mary 3d model

But.. can you actually see anything in this gif.. not so sure. so here is a proper picture of this 3D model as well:

3D low poly photorealistic holy Mary model for any graveyard

low poly 3D mpdel of holy Mary
and if you are game developer and you work with unity -why not to get all graveyard models i have in one pack on unity store? click on image below:

__0000_Layer 8  comes with prefabs, colliders and LOD’s

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