Whenever I walk in old town, at home or abroad, in any city, I often notice the level of detail people used to add to a simplest objects, like doors. So naturally i decided to do some 3D models of them. I have around 10 doors photographed and turned to 3d models, but they all are still raw scans.
Only two of them i have already retopo’ed and made textures and everything. Here they are:
So I like this idea of being able to buy set of old, dirty, worn out set of doors but might be its just me.
For now I have two of them on sale. Here comes two questions. Should I continue with doors?
And if so.. probably they are more usable if they are made so that one could open them. But if that is a case, what should I do with other side of door? Just make some thickness to it and use the texture of front of the door with overlapping textures? Is this wise?

So on Cgtrader: Door I and Door II


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