ok wordpress hearses me to update this page, so i will. this blog is gonna be used for displaying some crazy ideas regarding 3d or cg.

it will not be spellchecked, nor grammar checked its just too time consuming. anyways even if i would, it would not make things easier to understand in a significant way..

i did the blog in a hope to see a response if what i am talking about is total bulshit or it could actually be achieved and if it could be useful, so go ahead and write your opinion if u have one :)

To all TD`s and computer graphics students out there.
This is a page of an amateur, or rather, “whana be” td.
I have lots of ideas, most of them crazy enough, i hope, regarding tools
and techniques regarding 3d graphics, and no programing, or math education.
There fore I present a new series of articles, called “ideas for thesis”.
By all means pls contact me if you have any questions or comments.

i guess that sopose to be about me, not the blog,

so i am someone who works in 3d field, and has some ideas to share, i hope.

who could be interested? i guess people who work/play in 3d, especially if they like scripting, and all sorts of td’s i guess.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi all. I am originaly from lithuania (lietuva) its a country at a east cost of boltick see with 3.5 milion people.(north east europ) But now i live in berlin, germany, wich is totaly cool in some way and very crapy in other ways, but thats how life goes, right?

  2. Hello, I am a senior digital artist whom is looking into a Thesis and wanted to know if you had any further ideas on how I could expand my current idea? Something you may of thought of or mulled over in your blogs perhaps… Contact me!

    1. Hello David. I have moved away from academic world for some time now .. :) but i would be interested to read what u have and give my 2 cents :)

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