Softimage. New end of the world :)

Not sure if this is worth a separate post, but sins I haven’t wrote here for months and months… here it goes :)


So here at CG I have read that the softimages development team, which worked on a product for more then 10 years was moved to work on maya related projects. A new team of developers was assigned for Softimage. “Softimage development will now be carried out by a six-person team in Singapore, headed up by Senior Software Development Manager Chun-Pong Yu.” Strange thing is that I didn’t found any news on this on area or at xsi base pages… Is it a rumor? Anyone?


Also read about death of Softimage nr 1.


About blogging and 3d magazine called “digital production”

99 winner
99 winner

So Some weeks ago  I had a lucky day. It happened  so that I clicked on one of these “your ip address is a lucky 100000 visitor, come and get your free i phone” adds. Ok, it was not so. I commented on a blog I tend to read from time to time. And guess what happened? I got a reply saying that u are 1000th commenter on my blog and I want to give you a present. Ill buy u a book at amazon or something like that. And I did chose a magazine.

the post has arived!

And guess what? Here I am holding a package from Berlin!  A lucky day, isn’t it?  Well, everything comes with a price, I also received this small note: a note

The language in this note is hard to understand, its not German or English – its “handwriting” Do u know it? :)

Well it says, when I will have a 1000th comment on my blog I should send similar gift to a commenter, just the way I got my present. Now I wouldn’t consider my self a blogger. The reason is that I don’t read a lot of blogs, and this blog is more of a tool to talk about 3d and cg.  So I guess what I am trying to say is, I am not sure if this is a popular trend among bloggers, or has “Aidenium” thought of this himself, But, I think this gift giving is a cool idea.

So hereby I promise to all bloggers and readers that my 1000th cometer will receive a similar prize.  Now to tell u the truth it will not happen very soon while I have only 88 comments  now :) But its a nice idea that counts right?

Ok. sins this blog is not exactly about my personal life, I will try to bend this post towards this blogs topic, that is 3d.  And here it is a magazine I am reading for couple of years now. Why do I love it so much? well to tell you the truth I love it more then 3d world. why? well this is only my personal opinion.

3d world cover
3d world cover

But… I find 3d world to be more of a collection of very nice images and interviews of people who do them. And these interviews are more of a personal style, well like, what inspired you to create this art peace? what games and books do u like to read? That all is definitely very interesting, but I find it lacks depth. Its more a casual read with inspiring pictures, wile digital production is much harder to read.

digital production, The magazine
digital production, The magazine

Its much more technical. And as such more interesting. Ok this statement probably is not fair. Its probably like comparing apples and oranges. But if I can have only one magazine (its expensive to buy and ship magazines for me) and big fat “Digital Production” costs you 14 euros while thin “3dWorld” costs you about 6 pounds if remember it correctly. Digital Production is 130 pages. Now I don’t have a copy of 3d world, anyone knows how many pages are there? Again one could say that this is not fair to count pages, while “digital production” covers not only 3d. And this is true. But I think a 3d artist should know whats going on in compoziting world and 3d cinema and so on…  So judge it for yourself, what you like better. Oh and one small thing….. “Digital Production” is all in German….except for some titles :) forgot to mention that, so take out your fat German dictionary and lets read it :)  Here I will post some images I grabbed from the latest issue, and tell me if u find something similar in 3dworl.

different images from articles posted in digital production
different images from articles posted in digital production

By the way whats your favorite 3d related magazine? And of course, dear blogger, what do you think of 1000th comment idea?

VideoTrace – 3D modelling using real video

It was quite a long time that i found this video somewhere and it did impressed me.  Here we are talking about 3d modeling. actually about very fast skechup like 3d modeling interface based on filmed video. Now definitely it cannot be a solution to all modeling needs, but one could benefit from such fast prototyping tool. please have a look at the video, it shows everything rather clearly.  If anyone knows anything about future of this product / research, please drop me a line in coment,


softimage goes crazy!!! phisick simulation teaser!!!! Lagoa multiphysics 1.0

I just seen this crazy video on vimeo. (sorry I embed utube, don’t know how to embed vimeo) and its quite shocking.  Ok, all of this is a first impression, so pardon me for strong words and emotions. but. it looks so bloody amassing. To be honest I am not sure if this is a plugin written by someone (Thiago Costa?) and will be sold separately, or will it be part of softimage. But this looks quite amasing. (to say the least)

Ok. on a second thoght…. we have stuff to simulate similar things. But two things I haven’t seen yet are:

1.  In  begining of video u see stuff braking apart. Its like a solid material braking apart. hard to explane, I mean stuff is braking to bouth small and big peaces. U can imagine big rocks and derby… and I havnt seen this yet. Ofcourse one can make this easily with two seperat simulations..I guess…  Like having one solution for big things cracking, and other for small dust like particles.. but this seems to be “one button” solution .. also I am sure one could achieve something like this in reel flow from next limit. Still it does look amasing. And nice to see someone challenging next limit. It seems to be a king of this physics simulation game :)


2. It is semy liquid blobby stuff which tears apart. In other words mesh that not only deforms but also brakes apart..

This I have never seen that yet. I would love to read some papers on this. anyone? How do we solve mesh topology problems??????  I have no clue, my imagination doesnt help here… any ideas? anyone?

anyways, be sure to see all of this:

I am no expert on it, but I would guess that ICE was something to make or help it happen… or?

NURBS must die! Rhonda is here

Ugly non uniformal bisier splines – DIE !!!!!

(click below to see video (a MUST SEE)

Rhonda is here :

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “NURBS must die! Rhonda is here“, posted with vodpod

ok, ok .. we are all quick to announce deaths when new things show up. painting was dead when photography was invented. softimage was dead when it was bought by autodesk, i think maya too :)

Ok Ok rahonda is probably not threatening rhino.  Or nubs in general. But still i think it could be very nice tool for two things.  three might be.

1. sketching. the speed u can (it seems) create is incredible (gooooogles sketch up – look out :)

2. creating models for animation films, in very distinct style. (well i wonder how exploitable models will be, and will it be only lines or will we be able to make surfaces out of them, and how.)

3. making 3d more accessable to people who do not belong to this industry. again look at sketch up.

imagine something as rhonda as interface for drawing nurbs… that would make me create some models with nurbs instead of polys for sure.

xsi joins autodesks monopoly? SLOW DEATH? or good times ahead?

Normally i don’t write such posts, but sins xsi was a long time dream to me…

i was looking in to xsi from version 4 i guess, gathering courage to move from max to xsi. At first i thought i should learn maya, but after autodesk bought it i was very serious to move to xsi. after ice release i downloaded demo and started playing around with it. Xsi always had this feeling of independence, and being not pro monopolist. Thinking about artist and so on.. And sins i am not a programmer (scripter) ice looked very apealing to me. But now???

What will it mean – if all biggest 3d aps belong to one company?

who dies first? well i am sure you will find much more about topic in base forums or wherever, but i just couldn’t resist…

on other hand: could it be a good thing?more money for developement, sins it seems avid was not very lucky with xsi lately….

I am deeply shocked.

what i would be interested is opinions from maya and max users who deal with autodesk.

any thoughts?

ps. “optimistick” article

The World Stops Spinning – Autodesk Acquires Softimage” at  xsi user base

autodesk ‘s oficial statement

and short article in 3d max underground, summarizing general user reaction here

thread on cgtalk’s 3dmax forum here


insiders jokes:

standart icon
standart icon

Ok, another film “review”. Hakimiyet ( Domination ) Turkish science fiction whith 3d and cg!

Ok, to tell u the truth its not a review sins there is my name in the credits of film :)

so i am rather biased :) So as film dyrector states himself:

Alican Serbest:
I didn’t study cinema but educated myself and gathered a team of my friends, educated them as well :) Then shot short movies for 8 years. This was the latest of them. We are trying to get into the professional area :)


It is year 2092 and vegetation is almost completely perished all over the world.
A police team has just followed a suspect to a roof.
There, they will learn a bitter truth that will affect all human race.

so no biggy, but still for me = cool to see turkish movie.

good whaching THE LINK

Lithuanian buss ride *(short erotic live action film with 3d animation. )

So first of all to these for whom erotics is a sensitive topic (or you are too young to watch such content, by decision of you government)- please ignore this post and look around all other posts in my blog. i promice = all other posts are about 3d and trees only.

And for others:

Have you ever wondered how a typical buss ride looks in this eastern northern European country called Lithuania? Now you have a chance to see it for your self. It could be a bit slow, but usually all good things start slow, so be patient, and enjoy:


5.2 Prototype Comparison

ok, sorry for such long scilence.

i was away, abrod, home and so on…..


The following figures show some tree trunks generated with Vue6 personal learning edition and trunks generated with Xfrog 3.5 demo version which will be shown in comparison with some models generated with by the automatic tree generator which I propose in this thesis.

standard xfrog tree model

Fig 36. Trees generated in Xfrog

standart vue 6 trees

fig 37. trees in Vue6

tree trunk generator

Fig 38. tree trunks created with trunk generator prototype


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