Proposal for uvw map modifier

One proposal would be very simple.
It would be to enhance existing uvw map modifier by adding ability to apply uv
mapping not for a single mesh, but to each element of the mesh.
I know its possible to achieve same result by selecting each element in mesh edit or poly edit mode
detach these elements from single mesh, and as a result, to have lots of objects to which u can individually apply uvw map modifier.
but in some cases, when u have a complex mesh, which consists of lots of elements, that could be very time
consuming work. These complex meshes are often result of importing geometry from other 3d applications.
So the idea is to apply, say a spherical or box or whatever type of uv projection method to each separate mesh element without a need to divide mesh and detach parts of it.
Now if we have a complex model, say a tree, or dono, anything actually, and we are not planing to have perfect uv’s by pelt mapping or selecting separate polygons and applying separate planar maps to parts of a mesh, we would want to have some simple method to get uv coordinates fast, and semi accurate. in current situation we can simply apply uv map modifier to whole object,
and expect that box or cylindrical map projection will do fine. and in some cases it does.
say model is far away from camera, and we have no time to produce good uv coordinates. But imagine we would have some middle quality solution. that is something between creating precise uv maps for separate polygon selections, or having to use pelt mapping, and between simply applying say cylindrical projection
to a whole mesh.
I propose to have an ability in a uvw map modifier to have a “per element” button which would apply
selected map projection method not to whole object but to each separate mesh element.
and also we would have an ability to manipulate (scale, rotate, move) uv projections within a single interface for each single element in one mesh,
at the same time without a need to apply hundreds, or be it tens of mesh select modifiers, and uv map modifiers, and struggling and getting lost in huge modifier stack.
lets look at the images below.
cylindrical map projection applied to a single mesh.1. cylindrical map projection applied to a single mesh.

 2. lots of uvw map and polygon select modifiers to achieve accurate projections for whole model.2. lots of uvw map and polygon select modifiers to achieve accurate projections for whole model.

3. proposed projection per Element mode3. proposed projection per Element mode

proposed projection per Element mode with floating box4. same, but with floating toolbox for selecting each element and having ability to apply different (cylindrical, box, etc.) projection modes.
Some additional thoughts.
Why do we think only about elements of mesh, can we use mat id’s for same porpoise? can we
apply separate uvw projection methods for mat id’s also? That could come in hand too..?
mapIDs for uv coordinate sets Next question would be, can we use both mat ID’s and Mesh elements? Or is there an easy and fast (one button solution) way to convert separate mesh elements to mat ID’s. Or can we easily convert Mat ID’s to mesh elements? And if we where to write such tool, where would we place it?
Should it be a part of edit poly modifier? edit mesh? or uvw modifier?
Any ideas?


VideoTrace – 3D modelling using real video

It was quite a long time that i found this video somewhere and it did impressed me.  Here we are talking about 3d modeling. actually about very fast skechup like 3d modeling interface based on filmed video. Now definitely it cannot be a solution to all modeling needs, but one could benefit from such fast prototyping tool. please have a look at the video, it shows everything rather clearly.  If anyone knows anything about future of this product / research, please drop me a line in coment,


NURBS must die! Rhonda is here

Ugly non uniformal bisier splines – DIE !!!!!

(click below to see video (a MUST SEE)

Rhonda is here :

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “NURBS must die! Rhonda is here“, posted with vodpod

ok, ok .. we are all quick to announce deaths when new things show up. painting was dead when photography was invented. softimage was dead when it was bought by autodesk, i think maya too :)

Ok Ok rahonda is probably not threatening rhino.  Or nubs in general. But still i think it could be very nice tool for two things.  three might be.

1. sketching. the speed u can (it seems) create is incredible (gooooogles sketch up – look out :)

2. creating models for animation films, in very distinct style. (well i wonder how exploitable models will be, and will it be only lines or will we be able to make surfaces out of them, and how.)

3. making 3d more accessable to people who do not belong to this industry. again look at sketch up.

imagine something as rhonda as interface for drawing nurbs… that would make me create some models with nurbs instead of polys for sure.

track view, curve editor

ok. a small detail, which i think could be possibly improved in max regarding usibility of curve editor.

first lets have a look at a picture below:

curve editor

so, the problem i have is: lets imagine the situation where, as above we use only two key frames to define animation which last through nondefined time (eternaly?)

and we achieve it by defining curve out of range types. so it can loop, increase or do meny things whith the information it has from two keyframes u set.

and what if i whant cycle or loop paraameter to increase or decrease like it would go faster and faster.. mh, just have a look at the image:


there is no whay to my knowelage to achieve such curves, unles we copy paste actual keyframes and scale them in time line, as a result at some point we would have absolute mess if we increase cycle spead, … lets say we have value “1” in keyframe 1 and value “10” in keyframe 20, if we cycle and increase spead of cycle by copy paste keyframs at some point we will have value 1 at keyframe 1000 and value 10 at keyframe 1000.0001

also using simple keyframe scaling we will not achieve gradual nice increase or decrease of spead, welll we could but that wut involve lots of counting, and copy psate scaling keyframe, in other words hours of work.


also why not to have ability to use thuse “out of range” parameters in betwean animation. lets say i animate somthing from 1 to 10 keyframes, then i whant to use this auto out of range function at at frame 100-500 i whant to manualy keyframe again????

i doubt its a dificult to impliment or?

hey max developers?

you can also wisit my portfolio.
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edge softening of objects using materials.

ok lets continue, on most crazy 3d ideas ever. it was a restless night for me, therefore two posts are coming.

So we all know how in 3d, rendered object have thuse ugly, well mostly, edges. they are so sharp, so cg, so unreal.

there where meny methods created to avoid this. we could use fallofs in opacity chanel, or put things out of fucus….

what about if we would mix they materials? i dono what would happened, but this is a place to theorethise, and think.

so free your mind :)

so look at the picture:

scheme of pixel material blending

so i am just thinking how things would look if we would use kind of antialising, but it would actualy apply blended materials in a pixels where two object are close to each other. would be cood if we could control the “size” of blending, what i mean here is ..

if we look at the picture as it is right now, we’d see only 1 pixel has a blended material, i mean only one which has a neighboring pixel of other material. what if we could apply this blended material it 2, 3 or more pixels what i mean is…. shit how to put this…..

a nother picture?

pixel blending

and if we could tie, lets say depth ( zbuffer?) to the number of pixels blended?

like close to viewplane only 1 pixel on edge is blended, while further more pixels would be blended?

has this been done already? would it work? would it be cool or ugly?

anyone whants to write a renderer?


you can also wisit my portfolio.
dont like english? u can (try) readig it in lithuanian or anny other language here! alternative, has no lithuanian :(