3d max UI problems (?)

somehow i cant finish my tiling/ rotating/ mirroring article.  so while i am struggling with part 3 of tiling posts, something else….

Alzo, one very small remark. I noticed it long time ago,
its such a small detail, not worth writing a post. But it happen so many times,
Its my love and a curse. Well as usual I am talking about 3d max’s user interface.
Its nothing less then right mouse button. Its a bless and a course.
Imagine u selected something, and now u are dragging that stuff across the screen to mech
something else… U are so concentrated, the sweat is running on your back, u cant blink,
it must be so precise..
and u push your mouse so hard. And then it happens. u accidentally click right mouse button.
last thing u did is gone. Dam it!

On other hand sometimes u see u are selecting stuff wrong. U click right mouse button and last operation is gon.
So nice. Not like in autocad (right?)
Ok it shouldnt have been a post, but whatever :)

Ok sins its such an uninformative post well add some more.
Some complaining ofcourse :)
Ok what do I find annoying about max? Its mirror, and clone tools. Whats a problem u ask?
Say I have to clone (and move) one element many times. I want to see it from very close distance to move it exactly the right amount.
So I enlarge it to fill whole wievport. I hit shift, i move it exactly the right distance,
And then I need to specific a number of copies. But it happens a lot that for that I need to see
all the scene, not one object, to count how many copies i need. Ok I am not sure one can understand what I mean.
So to put it in other words, after we see clone or mirror dialog boxes, we are no more able to
navigate in viewport. and that sucks. Look at all extrude. bevel and other tools under edit poly,
if we use these we can both have dialog box open and navigate in viewport. that saves time,
and quite much id say.
So something to consider for max UI developers.


What can Program developers learn from 3D max interface?

There is such a cool thing that I would love to see say in adobe photoshop. So say we work with two image sets. One is my dogs photos to add to my first ever html website, and other is a diagrams I am preparing for tomorrows presentation. I work on both simultaneously. More or less. (I edit dogs photos when my boss is in next room).

So I am done with some and I am saving files.

Now my dogs pictures go under:

C:\Documents and Settings\Peter_the_best_employe\My Documents\My Pictures\my new website\test files\images\gallerys\my cute doggy\

and my work files go under:

E:\work\peter\financial\very important\presentations\governmental proposals\CEO approved\

Now say I save one dog picture, then one diagram, and again dog, diagram.. dog diagram..

After I saved first image my picture editing program remembers where I saved it. And next time I save, it suggest same location.

standard save us dialog box

Now each time I switch from dogs to diagrams, I have to specify file location. Every time…. Now that can take years. And lots of patience. Especially looking at file destination addresses I made up above.

Now lets see how max saves the world:

3dmax save us dialog box
3dmax save us dialog box
history drop down menu in max save us dialog box
history drop down menu in max save us dialog box

Now you see, dialog box saves all locations where I saved things last time. Neat, eh?